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Quickly bump your products up to the first page of Amazon search results with Amazon pay per click (PPC) paid search ads.
Let our PPC experts guide you in the right direction.

We represent over 700 BRANDS on Amazon

We got over 2.5 MILLION advertising revenue

We created over 4 THOUSAND ads

We sold over 20 THOUSAND items

Our average ACOS is 5-12%


Unlike other Amazon PPC management agencies, we set prices for our services based on your monthly ad revenue, not on your ad spend, which is fairer for you.


Our set-up fee is $500.


Further service costs depend on your monthly advertising revenue as follows:

    What Does Our Amazon PPC Management Cover?


    • Searching for unique keywords that’ll generate sales

    • Monitoring the competitors’ keywords

    • Negative keywords research

    • Analyzing your past campaigns, if any


    • Analyzing paid search and display advertising potential

    • Developing of performance strategy

    • Developing of bid strategy


    • Ad creation

    • Bid adjustments

    • Monitoring of operational performance

    • Monthly analytics & reporting

    • Implementation of operational improvements

    Client's Stories

    Amazon PPC Management

    Case Study

    Below are some examples of Amazon PPC Management challenges we often face, and the results we get.


    +18% First Month Sales growth
    2.08% Acos

    A well- known hunting apparel manufacturer found success after just one month of our PPC management. We managed to boost sales by 18% with an unprecedented ACOS of only 2.08%


    Over 4x return on investment
    <6% ACOS

    A sports optics brand saw over 4x return on investment when driving sales with Amazon Sponsored ads, including keyword, product and interest-based targeting, within a 6-month period


    + 215% Revenue
    + 457% Brand Awareness

    Wood toys manufacturer saw 215% revenue and 457% Brand awareness growth in 6 months period through Amazon Sponsored products and Amazon Sponsored Brands


    44% organic audience growth

    New audience was reached with the help of Amazon Sponsored Ads, which help not only to improve Amazon Product Rates, but also to gain new loyal customers. All this increased the organic Amazon brand searches by 44% in just one year.


    58% ACOS decrease

    A manufacturer of automotive parts and accessories turned to us asking to reduce the ACOS of their advertising campaigns. In 2 months, we managed to reduce ACOS by 58% down to 5.86%.


    +112% increase in sales attributed to advertising.

    A manufacturer of wool slippers drives holiday sales with Sponsored Products. Due to the nature of the product it was important to occupy the top of search during the Christmas season.

    We Focus on all Amazon’s Primary Advertising Options:

    • SPONSORED Brands

    Sponsored Products ads help Amazon customers easily find and buy your products, which are not high in the Amazon SERP.  You can run these ads only if you occupy the Buy Box.

    Sponsored Products ads can help

    Provide an instant visibility boost for your products

    Generate awareness of your new items

    Increase your sales

    Sponsored Products ads appear either in search results or on product pages on both desktop and mobile.

    Sponsored products ads

    Sponsored Brands ads help customers engage with your brand. These ads feature the brand logo, a custom headline and 3 of your brand products. You can either choose the products to display, or you can allow Amazon to do this for you basing on the keywords you provide and the customers search phrases.

    When shoppers click on your brand logo, they’re redirected either to your Amazon Store or to your custom landing page. When they click on a product, they’re taken to the product page.

    Sponsored Brands ads are cost per click, so it’s highly important to choose relevant keywords and set your daily budget and bids correctly.

    Sponsored Brand ads can help

    Increase your brand awareness

    Promote new or seasonal items

      Create even more demand for best sellers

    These ads appear at the top of the page on search results on both desktop and mobile and help generate recognition for your brand and product portfolio.

    An example of Sponsored Brands ads

    Product display ads will help you reach your target shoppers while they search for similar products on Amazon and browse similar product listings.

    Product display ads appear near products, which are very similar to yours. You can choose products and categories for your ads to be shown.

    Here you needn’t choose keywords, however choosing appropriate target products is sometimes even more difficult.

    Product display ads is a wonderful way to promote new listings or to advertise accessories.

    Product Display ads

    Catalog study

    We thoroughly study the products you want to advertise and divide them into groups with similar features. These groups will be the basis for sponsored brands display.

    Keywords research

    We decide which keywords to target and how much to bid for clicks. Utilizing the leading keyword research tools, we compose the lists of relevant and irrelevant (negative) keywords for each product group.


    We create and customize your sponsored brands ads and submit them for review. The ads will be reviewed within 72 hours.

    Operational improvements

    On a regular basis we revise and adjust your products selection, keywords and bids to make the advertising campaign more and more affective