Amazon Store Creation

Setting up an Amazon product storefront is a way a manufacturer can make much money without investing much money.

Amazon Store is a premium merchandising space where sellers can showcase their products and unique value proposition in a customized website-like location. It’s a wonderful opportunity for manufacturers to use if they want to immerse their customers into branded shopping experience rich in high-quality media and vital product information.

As Amazon is crowded with brands, differentiating your business from the competition will only become more crucial, and a professionally created Amazon Store is a great way to do that.




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Why you need an Amazon store

A Brand Store is highly recommended not just from Amazon itself, but by many sellers that use it. But, why create an Amazon Store?
Increase Brand awareness

It’s a great opportunity to tell your customers more about your brand. An Amazon Store enables the immersive virtual shopping experience that can be used to exclusively showcase your brand and products.

Avoid Unnecessary Competition

Amazon brand page (Amazon Store) is the place where customers can choose within the items only you provide. This helps brands distinguish themselves on Amazon and build loyal repeat customers.

Engage more customers

Amazon store pages are well indexed by Google, that’s why you can get quite a lot of new customers from Google Organic search. It’s also a great way to drive both Amazon and off-Amazon traffic with advertising.

Increase the order value

By boosting organic ranking and capitalizing on internal and external traffic sources, by promoting new products and increasing the number of those who have become your loyal shoppers you will generate more and more sales.

Increase your marketing opportunities

An Amazon Brand Store page is a mini-website with multiple pages for content and internal links. You can use the store to run ads not only on Amazon, but also on Facebook and Instagram. You can use an Amazon tag to track the return.

Get useful analytical data

One of the Amazon Brand Store’s greatest features is its analytics. Amazon Store Insights provides you with analytics data, that can be used to learn your customers, understand your sources of sales and predict your sales performance.

Examples of our Amazon Stores


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    How we work

    How we work


    Creating an Amazon Storefront that is truly optimized takes careful customer experience considerations. That’s why before we begin with the design, we study your product list to better understand your targeted audience not to skip over any competitive options. This is the kind of loyalty we want to build for your store, because it’s loyalty or a sense of familiarity that keeps people coming back.


    We will make an awesome design to represent your brand in a very appealing way. We’ll prepare templates for the Amazon store header, home page and category pages to ensure maximum visual impact on the customers


    We will create custom categories and list your items to make the shoppers search easier and to reinforce your brand messaging. An easy-to-navigate Amazon store front design will make your products easy to find and buy.


    As a result you will get a premium content offer on Amazon that can be used to exclusively showcase a curated collection of your brand products.

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